The Black Food & Wine Experience provides a new foodie experience. Each Guest has the opportunity to be indoctrinated into the culinary space through the lens of African-American Chefs & Vintners. Patrons enjoy and sip some of the best cocktails from local Black Restaurants and Spirit companies. The highlight of most events is an up close and personal interactive live cooking competition with chefs from the, "Bringing It To The Table" cast curated by chef/producer chef mimi and celebrity guest.

Black Food & Wine Experience 2018.



Chef Mimi is a Culinary Artist, Community strategist and Mother. Her work-life balance game is strong and developing it was imperative to her growth as a woman and professional. After graduating from San Francisco Culinary Arts Academy in 1995, she felt alone and wanted to see more chefs who looked like her be represented in the culinary industry media space. In an effort to forge her own seat at the culinary table she created, Bringing it to the Table (BITTT), a competitive reality show that gives a platform to Black Chefs, Wine Makers, Foodies, Entrepreneurs, and Innovators to finally have a space to showcase their talent and culture. Her mission is to create space for Chefs to express their culinary skills without being told or limited to the narrative that Black Chefs only can cook Soul Food or BBQ. Best believe, Black chefs do that too, and they do it well, but their skills, palates and aspirations are as diverse as their backgrounds. Chef Mimi believes that regardless of your class or ethnicity that, "We are all connected through food.”



Bringing It To The Table is an African-American reality cooking competition. The show unveils drama with fiery and clashing personalities in a battle for culinary domination. It’s an opportunity for chefs to share their lives while living out their culinary dreams.


Behind the scenes: Chef Mimi and Chef Stew having a good time while the competitors are battling it out!

Wow! So we stealing recipes now?

Behind the scenes: Is Chef Rhonda stealing one of the competitor's recipes? Can she be trusted? 

We said, bring it to the table, not the stage!

Behind the scenes: The ladies of Bringing it to the Table get in formation to attempt to harmonize.

Is he all talk and no action?

Behind the scenes: Chef Dee is talking a good game. Letting us know he's not new to this chef life!


Chef Mimi Inc. Provides the ultimate catering and cultural experience through events and food. Each event bring clients closer to Mimi's food philosophy as well as her passion, Food is universal experience. Chef Mimi has catered for many companies Such as Facebook, Slack, Twilio, Lyft to many more!